ARC Dance Academy Classes

Tiny and Little ARC - ages rising 4s-6 

The Tiny and Little ARC classes are a creative, fun and friendly introduction to dance where ballet and contemporary steps are introduced and developed using imaginative themes and stories. The core of these beginner classes will focus on the foundations of all dance technique. Including musicality, rhythm, co-ordination, balance, expression, spatial awareness and creativity. The classes will consist of patterns and direction, solo, partner and whole class creative work to develop and explore movement vocabulary and expression through improvisation to music.

Tiny ARC - Monday 4:00-4:30pm & Saturday 9:00-9:30am

Little ARC - Monday 4:30-5:05pm & Saturday 9:30-10:05am

Junior ARC - ages 6-8

The Junior ARC class is a fun and friendly dance class, laying the foundations for our students to begin to enjoy the immense vocabulary that the ARC levels incorporate. It will support them to further develop their dance ability through an exploration of more specific set exercises for strengthening, which include an emphasis on bringing awareness to certain muscle groups used for ballet and contemporary technique. Structured exercises for fluidity, stamina, strength and musicality are all incorporated throughout, including travelling and jumping. As with the beginner classes, Junior ARC students will learn to explore their creativity through improvisation and creation of their own work, on their own, with partners and in groups. This helps develop confidence and enjoyment of their dance potential.

Junior ARC - Monday 5:05-5:50pm & Saturdays 10:05-10:50am

ARC Ballet age 8+

ARC Ballet classes start with a warm up focussing on dance specific body conditioning exercises bringing awareness and strength to the muscle groups needed for all dance technique. The structure of the ballet class will follow the learning of classical ballet technique through fun exercises building in complexity over the year. As part of the class there is a great focus on musicality and artistry, with the students also getting the opportunity to explore their own ideas and expression through improvisation. They begin to learn Character Dance, and the students will have the option to be entered for examinations with the Royal Academy of Dance. Students of the correct age and ability will also have the opportunity to study pointe work.

Ballet 1 - Tuesday 5-6pm

Ballet 2 - Thursday 5-6pm

Ballet 3 - Thursday 6-7pm

Ballet 4 - Currently no class available

Ballet 5 - Tuesday 6-7:15pm & Thursday 7-8pm

Senior Ballet - Tuesday 7:15-8:45pm & Thursday 8-9:30pm

ARC Contemporary age 7+

ARC Contemporary classes build on the foundations of technique from ARC 1 which are essential for further development in contemporary dance.  A lot of emphasis on exploring different ways to travel across the space, move with intention, use the weight of the body and find more fluidity, strength and ease in movement are incorporated through challenging fun exercises. Students will also work further on developing their own creative dialogue using the skills they have learned. This helps them to find a creative 'voice' which is an essential tool for any young dancer and also aides in other areas of the child's development at school.

Contemporary 1 - Friday 4-5pm

Contemporary 2 - Friday 5-6pm

Contemporary 3 - Friday 6-7pm

Contemporary 4 -Friday 7-8:15pm

Senior Contemporary - Wednesday 5-6:30pm

BOYS Contemporary - Wednesday 4-5pm